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VCA and VCO Reinstatement

VCA or VCO Reinstatement is for any person whose VCA or VCO certification has expired up to 5 years or has lapsed (after 5 years you must go through the VCA or VCO program again)


To become re-instated for either the Virginia Contracting Associate (VCA) or Virginia Contracting Officer (VCO) Certification Program you must:

  1. Complete the Reinstatement application and email to or FAX to VIP (804) 371-8937.
  2. Receive an approval and instruction e-mail from VIP stating that you have met the criteria to pursue the re-examination.
  3. VCA Reinstatement is $100.00. VCO Reinstatement is $200.00. Once the reinstatement fee is paid, email to request an exam date.

Reinstatement Application

Reinstatement Payment Options

VIP has approved my VCA Reinstatement Pay here

VIP has approved my VCO Reinstatement Pay here