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Virginia Contracting Associate Recertification



VCA certificate holders need 20 contact hours during a five year recertification term with 10 hours acquired in the last two years of the recertification term.  One contact hour is equal to one clock hour.  Contact hours exceeding the total required for a recertification term may not be carried over to the following recertification term.  Additionally, training received prior to certification can not be counted towards recertification.


See the topics below for more information on VCA Recertification.  When you are prepared to submit your application and documentation, which you should do no sooner than January 1 of your recertification year and no later than December 31 of your recertification year, you may do so by utilizing the information to the right.


For VCO or Dual Certification information see the VCO Recertification Page.



VCA Recertification at a Glance

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Contact Hours Needed: 20

VCA Recertification Cost: $75

Send Application and Support Materials To:
Mail: 1111 East Broad Street - 7th floor

Richmond, Virginia 23229


Fax: 804.371.8937

Step 1. Apply for VCA Recertification

Step 2. Pay for VCA Recertification