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VCO Criteria


I. Job Position: Must meet the following criteria

A. Procurement Officer I role in Career Group – Procurement Services #19150 or equivalent position and responsibilities. See LINK to DHRM Procurement Services here

B. Six months in a position which consists of 50% or more of purchasing related activities which includes both small and complex procurements over $100,000. Proof of complex procurement by a posting in your name of an awarded contract on the Virginia Business Opportunity eVA website, a copy of an awarded contract with signature in the past year, or other proof of involvement in a complex procurement over $100,000 in the last year is required. An alternative to this requirement is that you are the Chief Procurement Officer for your agency or supervise the contract officers who perform the IFBs and RFPs.



II. Education

High School education or equivalent plus Virginia Contracting Associate Certification


III. Documentation

Documents or evidence required to support VCO application:

o EWP, job description, or resume not job advertisement, showing at least 50% or more of job consists of procurement

   responsibilities or management of those with procurement responsibilities.

o Valid VCA Certificate


And one of the following:

o Proof of performing complex procurement by an IFB or RFP award notice on eVA VBO or

   submit a cover page and award notice for an IFB or RFP in the past year


o Other documentation to support the equivalent experience required in the above criteria


Additional Documentation to support your VCO Application may be required on a case by case basis.