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VCO Criteria


I. Job Position: Must meet two of the following criteria

A. Procurement Officer I role in Career Group – Procurement Services #19150 or equivalent

     position and responsibilities. See LINK to DHRM Procurement Services here

B. Job consists of 50% or more of purchasing related activities which includes

     both small and complex procurements over $100,000. Proof of complex procurement by a posting in your name of an

     awarded contract on the Virginia Business Opportunity eVA website, a copy of an awarded contract with signature in the

     past year, or other proof of involvement in a complex procurement over $100,000 in the last year is required. An alternative

     to this requirement is that you are the Chief Procurement Officer for your agency or in a management capacity that can

     influence policy in a procurement environment.


C. One-year experience in a management position either with or overseeing those with 50% procurement responsibilities.


II. Education

High School education or equivalent plus Virginia Contracting Associate Certification


III. Documentation

Documents or evidence required to support VCO application:

o EWP, job description, or resume not job advertisement, showing at least 50% or more of job consists of procurement

   responsibilities or management of those with procurement responsibilities.

o Valid VCA Certificate


And one of the following:

o Proof of performing complex procurement by an IFB or RFP award notice on eVA VBO or

   submit a cover page and award notice for an IFB or RFP in the past year


o Other proof of involvement in complex procurements over $100,000 in the past year


Additional Documentation to support your VCO Application may be required on a case by case basis.